365 Boob Project
365 BOOB Project

                                                     DAY 20

I missed you.

                                               BIG BOPPERS

365 BOOB Project

                                                   Day 19

If you need some place to rest your head at night.  Well then, try my…

                                           PLAYFUL PILLOWS

365 BOOB Project

                                                  Day 18


                                              TIT FOR TAT

365 BOOB Project

                                                           Day 17

                                                Sorry for the wait, suga.

                                            INDULGE IN MY BONBONS

365 BOOB Project

                                                 DAY 16

                                            Let life happen.

                                      look at my LOVE MUFFINS

365 BOOB Project

                                                 DAY 15

                                       OH yeah.  They’re real.

                                        REAL RIB CUSHIONS

365 BOOB Project

                                             Day Fourteen

                         gaze in to the boooOOOOOOOOOOOBSsss.

                                       HYPNOTIZING HOOHAS

365 BOOB Project

                                               DAY THIRTEEN

DAMN!!! I haven’t seen you in DAYS.  Damn you have some looong days.  Nice boobs.

                                           TANTALIZING TA-TAS

365 Boob Project

                                                DAY TWELVE

I was told I look like a high end prostitute in this dress.  don’t get it cuz I’m really covered up in it but whatever.

                                          HOOKER HOOTERS

365 Boob Project

                                             Day Eleven

I am REALLY good at procrastinating.  So, I’ll post another pic of my boobs!  yay!

                                          TUMBLR TATAS